Out With the Old, In With the New: Part II



In the December 2000 issue, we showed you some differences in old styles versus new and how shaped skis have changed technique. We looked at the benefits of a wider stance and how up-and-down movements have given way to lateral action. The reader response was overwhelming; your arguments and judgments intriguing. There were more than a handful who said that they prefer the old style.

So we’ll repeat what we said a year ago: Old technique isn’t wrong or bad, but it tends to be excessive. Newer movements are more direct, powerful and athletic.

Here are seven more differences between the old and the new. Some are subtle, but important. So look closely. Then decide which new technique you like, and drop an old habit. You’ll become a better all-around skier.

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Stu Campbell, SKI’s Instruction Director, is a former PSIA Demo Team Member and Coach. He’s skied for 55 years, and coached or taught for 40. Mike Rogan instructs at Heavenly, Calif., is a member of the PSIA Demo Team and is the Ski School Director in Portillo, Chile.