Outdoor Fitness Gear - Trail Running


Road running's off-pavement counterpart promises a killer workout with the added bonus of great views and fresh-smelling pine needles. Its endurance-, strength-, and agility-building benefits are tailor-made to awaken your skiing muscles.

Gearwise, trail running isn't quite as simple as slapping on a pair of stout-soled running shoes. You'll be safer and more comfortable¿and thus more likely to keep up your deep-powder training¿if you spring for these trail necessities.

A trail-specific running shoe is your first priority, and New Balance's All-Terrain 903 for men and women is a serious buffer zone between your feet and the trail. A generous dose of cushioning and shock absorption do the buffering, while an internal support post helps stabilize the foot. The 903's toothy but light outsole gives you the traction you need to vanquish on-trail obstacles.
$100/New Balance/800-253-SHOE/ www.newbalance.com

Montrail's Leona Divide, available in men's and women's sizes, is a stable shoe that's light and fast on the trail with a fit that's supportive but flexible. The burly outsole's traction is teamed with a synthetic-leather-and-mesh upper that protects your feet from rough terrain.
$100/Montrail/800-647-0224/ www.montrail.com

Patagonia's Long Haul Runners are soft but durable nylon shorts with a longer, less risqué cut than that of traditional running shorts¿helpful in guarding your gams against too much sun and unsavory trailside flora.
$42/Patagonia/800-638-6464/ www.patagonia.com

InSport's Power Dry Long Sleeve Shirt is a sweat-wicking wonder. Wear it as a base layer on chillier days and as a UV blocker on warmer ones.
$40/InSport/800-652-5200/ www.insport.com

A multitalented year-round layering piece, Cloudveil's Veiled Peak Vest stretches, adds warmth, sheds water, and blocks wind. Oh, and it's very lightweight.
$120/Cloudveil/888-763-5969/ www.cloudveil.com

Native Eyewear's Low Ryder sunglasses have polarized, zero-distortion lenses, which means you'll encounter less glare and visual weirdness on the trail.
$75/Native Eyewear/215-938-6642/ www.nativeyewear.com

Wild Roses' Stratus Rose cap, in bright mango, will keep you visible while shedding wind, rain, and sun.
$20/Wild Roses/877-WLD-ROSE/ www.wrgear.com

Sugoi's CoreTech mesh running cap (not shown) shields the sun while allowing serious ventilation. It's so light, you'll hardly notice it.
$20/Sugoi/800-432-1335/ www.sugoi.ca

The most crucial trail-running item you're likely to overlook? That's right: water. If the sloshing and added weight of running with a water bladder on your waist or back doesn't appeal, consider Ultimate Direction's Competitor, a 20-ounce water bottle with a simple neoprene hand holder.
$20/Ultimate Direction/800-426-7229/ www.ultdir.com