Outdoor Retailer Trade Show to Take Place

From the Mammoth blog: Show of hands: who was out there today? It was epic. The snow kept falling, but there were a few breaks in the storm (albeit short ones), during the day. Our photographer went out with a crew of skiers and captured some great stuff.  And if you’re thinking about coming up, there’s no time like the present. The snow is deep, the trees will keep you protected and town is doing its ghost town impression.

Salt Lake City, UT, Aug. 11--Outdoor Retailer (OR) has announced that their annual summer trade show will take place this weekend, despite severe damage from a tornado.

The show will begin on Friday, one day late, and run as scheduled through Sunday. Organizers expect the trade show to end up much smaller than the scheduled 2,500 booths.

A large F-2 tornado blazed a path directly through the Salt Lake Pavilions--large exhibition tents--where the trade show was being set up. One of the pavilions was completely leveled and the other also suffered some damage.

OR will now set up booths inside the one of the other convention center buildings