Outfitter Footwear: Clogs


Long gone are the days of Moon Boots and après-ski footwear furry enough to double as twin shih tzus. Shoes for skiers in the '00s are cool. And there are enough styles out there to satisfy the Imelda Marcos in you¿which is a good thing, since you may want a pair from each of these specialty categories.

Nutshell: Thank the Dutch for these heel-free shoes, although today's varieties are made of materials softer than wood, like fleece, wool, and leather. Most even have outdoors-worthy rubber soles.
Wear Them: Padding around the condo; taking out the garbage.
Caution: They're so comfy, you won't want to take them off, but remember, clogs are not designed for walking on ice, up hills, or through deep drifts.
Key Models: Sorel's Toledo clog ($35; shown here), made of a soft polar fleece, is like a slipper with sole. The Jibs Polartec Splog ($80) has a rubber traction sole and a drawstring at the ankle for a snug fit. The Hanley ($65) leather clog by Simple has a surf-print suede lining.

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