Outfitter Footwear: Low Hikers


Long gone are the days of Moon Boots and après-ski footwear furry enough to double as twin shih tzus. Shoes for skiers in the '00s are cool. And there are enough styles out there to satisfy the Imelda Marcos in you¿which is a good thing, since you may want a pair from each of these specialty categories.

Low Hikers
Nutshell: Shoe designers combined DNA from a sneaker and a hiking boot to create this category. The result is a versatile, sturdy, warm shoe with a solid sole.
Wear Them: Trudging from the parking lot to the lodge; tooling around the ski area and town; hiking on easy trails.
Caution: Low cut means cold ankles in deep snow.
Key Models: Columbia's Trail Grinder Low ($80; shown here) is a light, comfortable hiker with knobby soles. The suede leather upper on Tecnica's Entrada ($75) makes for a natural-looking shoe. Salomon's Exit Low 2000 ($90) is a lightweight, breathable hiker with a beefy new midsole for rough trails.

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