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Outfitter Footwear: Slip-Ons


Long gone are the days of Moon Boots and après-ski footwear furry enough to double as twin shih tzus. Shoes for skiers in the '00s are cool. And there are enough styles out there to satisfy the Imelda Marcos in you¿which is a good thing, since you may want a pair from each of these specialty categories.

Nutshell: Low-cut, lace-free simplicity in a hip-looking package, these shoes feature water-resistant leather uppers, moderately knobby soles, and easy on- and off-ability.
Wear Them: Wintertime doggie walking.
Caution: Okay, so they're a cousin of your granddad's loafers; they tend to lean toward the overwarm side.
Key Models: Nike's Izy ($70; shown here) with its retro zipper and black suede is designed for chillin'. Merrell's Winter Moc ($70; see above) is water resistant and has a Polartec Power Dry lining. The Gravis Cue ($75) is moisture wicking, water resisting, and so cool Elvis has been sighted wearing a pair.

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