Outfitter: Look Sharp Part Two


The highly protective, attitude-enhancing wrap sunglasses you've been wanting just may be available in your prescription from a nearby optical shop. However, the lenses themselves may be standard-issue, off-the-shelf stuff, not a sport-eyewear company's own high-tech flash-mirrored crimson ones. That's not necessarily bad, but a few big-brand sportglass manufacturers do offer the real deal-prescription lenses ground in their own labs with the proprietary materials and specialized tints found in their regular sunglasses. This sometimes goes for highly curved "8-base" wraps, too.

Prescription sportglasses should not be hard to find, as major sports and ski brands are sold through many chains (LensCrafters and Pearl Vision, for example) as well as some local optical shops. To make sure you're getting the best lenses available, contact the manufacturers listed below for the location of a cooperative optician.

Serengeti grinds prescription lenses for all its styles, including the new Kinetix Vermilion line. All Serengeti prescription lenses are made of photochromic glass, and are available in graded, polarized, and solid-copper versions. Expect your shades within 10 days.
800-426-7849, www.serengeti-eyewear.com

Smith offers Rx versions of both glass and polycarbonate polarized glasses through its Action Optics division-but don't expect trendy, ski-specific styling. Order through an optometrist or directly from Action Optics. Allow 10 days for shipping.
800-654-6428, www.actionoptics.com

Over 30 of Vuarnet's frames are suitable for prescription glass lenses. To order, contact your optometrist, who determines the prescription and relays it to Vuarnet's laboratory in France. Allow three weeks for delivery.
800-348-0388, www.vuarnet.com