Paralympic Team Nominated


Park City, UT, Jan. 16, 2002--The following is a list of 26 athletes nominated by the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association as candidates for the 2002 U.S. Paralympic Alpine Ski Team. The nominees are pending validation by the U.S. Olympic Committee, per International Paralympic Committee protocols. Validation is anticipated sometime during February.

Kevin Bramble, 29; LW-12/1; Truckee, Calif.
Carl Burnett, 20; LW-11; Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Chris Devlin-Young, 40; LW-12/1; Campton, N.H.
Clay Fox, 23; LW-4; Gillette, Wyoming
Adam Fromma, 27; LW-6; Winter Park, Colo.
Dan Kosick, 24; LW-2; Binghamton, N.Y.
Jim Lagerstrom, 37; LW-4; Dearborn, Mich.
Jason Lalla, 30; LW-2; Bradford, N.H.
Greg Mannino, 39; LW-2; Vail, Colo
Monte Meier, 30; LW-2; Hastings, Minn
Andy Parr, 29; B-3; Rockland, Maine
Jake Rife, 24; LW-3/2; Pocatello, Idaho
George Sansonetis, 29; LW-9; Winter Park, Colo.
Joe Tompkins, 33; LW-11; Juneau, Alaska
Chris Waddell, 33; LW-10; Park City, Utah

Sarah Billmeier, 24; LW-2; Yarmouth, Maine
Muffy Davis, 29; LW-10; Sun Valley, Idaho
Sandy Dukat, 29; LW-2; Chicago
Lacey Heward, LW-11; Park City, Utah
Lee Joiner, 20; LW-9/1; Red Lodge, Mont.
Allison Jones, 17; LW-2; Colorado Springs, Colo.
Jennifer Kelchner, 22; LW-4; Truckee, Calif.
Csilla Kristof, 17; LW-6; Las Vegas
Allison Pearl, 26; LW-12; Reno, Nev.
Mary Riddell, 21; LW-4; Dove Creek, Colo.
Sarah Will, 36; LW-11; Vail, Colo.