Park City Readies for World Cup Tour…Hopefully


Park City, UT, Nov. 10–If it’s early November, it’s nail biting time in Park City. Every year, Park City opens the World Cup season in the US with the Chevy Truck America’s Opening. And every year, resort officials go through an anxious pre-season ritual

November is a tricky month in the Rockies, and often starts mild before the snows blow. Although it looks like Park City has a long way to go, the resort goes through this snow dance every season. The mountain crew pushes to make snow, and race officials anxiously eye the weather reports.

“We want to be able to pull this off as we have done for 13 year’s prior,” said Laura Murphy, Marketing Director for Park City Mountain Resort. “Our track rate has been unbelievable in pulling this off in the early season. The cancellation rate for early-season World Cup races in Europe is about 40 percent.”

Still, Murphy conceded that this year is a closer call than in years past. So far, there have only been a few dustings of the real thing, but it has been cold enough to make snow at night. “We have been making snow at every opportunity,” added Murphy. “But, if the weather doesn’t cooperate then there’s only so much we can do.”

Still, two weeks is plenty of time for winter to settle in, as it has in year’s past. International Ski Federation (FIS) officials will decide this Friday whether America’s Opening will take place.