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Cold Front

I wasn't scared," former Olympian Picabo Street asserts. "Not even when there was a big female 40 yards away with nothing in between us. She gave me a dirty look-and I looked right back at her."

Sounds like typical haughty jock-speak, but the indomitable Street wasn't staring down an Eastern European she-goon raised on steroid-fed beef. This time Street was giving the hairy eyeball to a thousand-pound polar bear.

Was it a desperate attempt to recapture the adrenaline of an Olympic downhill course? Not quite. Wade Boggs tracked impalas. Bo Jackson chased alligators. But for Street's episode of ESPN's New American Sportsman-a resurrected classic that invites celebrities on outdoor adventures-they kept with the cold-weather theme: darting, collaring, and tattooing full-sized bruins in open tundra.

In typical Street fashion, she dove in with no fretting over life or limb. "I laid on them, rolled them over, and held a stick in their mouths to pry them open," she gushes. "It blew me away."