Perfect Parallel

The Power Payoff 1003

No dryland activity better mimics skiing's motions than inline skating. Here, instructors Mike Hafer and Debbie Sumner coach you through a parallel skating turn.

1. Flex through your ankles, knees and hips, not your waist.

2. Keep your upper body still and pointed down the hill.

3. To start a turn, roll both ankles in the same direction, keeping your shins parallel and a space between your knees. Avoid leading with your inside foot, as you would for recreational or fitness skating.

4. Apply about the same amount of pressure to both skates, more so than you would for skiing. "That's necessary because you don't have the length of the skis to balance you," Sumner explains.

5. Don't expect to be able to get as much edge angle on skates as you can on skis—the wheels are narrower than a ski, so you can slide out more easily.