Pete Moran

Fall Line

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Excuse Pete Moran’s perma-grin. Nominated by a co-worker, the young Snowshoe, W. Va., ski instructor recently was named one of “America’s 100 Most Eligible Bachelors” by People magazine in an annual issue that featured George Clooney on the cover. Not bad for a kid who’s never skied west of Tennessee.

Born April 4, 1977 (age 23)
Devoted Skier “When I was growing up, I would join church groups to go on ski trips, even though I didn’t belong to the churches. I would do anything to get to the mountains. It drove my parents crazy.”
People Power “After the People magazine story came out, I would get all these emails from around the country. A girl said she liked that I was a ski instructor and wrote ‘Maybe I can teach you the basics.'”
Heaven On Earth “I taught skiing on weekends at Wintergreen, Va., while I was in high school. My friends were bagging groceries and making no money, and I would come home with an $800 check. So I decided to rent a condo with another guy. My first night there we had girls from the rental shop playing strip poker. I’m thinking ‘so this is why you live at a ski area.'”
15 Minutes of Fame “At first, it was a little weird. I would walk into a local bar and people would yell ‘Bachelor!’ Your head gets as big as a hot-air balloon. Then I realized that a new ‘Bachelors List’ will be out in a year and someone else will be getting all the attention.”
The Eternal Question “Is sex better than skiing? No way. I can ski whenever I want. I can do it by myself, and I don’t have to cuddle when I’m done.”
Emperor For A Day “I would make skiing available to everyone. There are so many people who could be great skiers but have never had the chance. It gets a bad rap as an elitist sport, but it’s all about being on the mountain.”
The Perfect Date “A nymphomaniac ski bum who’s a better skier than I am.”
Hollywood Squares “I’d roast George Clooney on skis. I’d blister that boy.”