Please Your Knees: Exercise 2

Be Strong

This fast-moving exercise enhances quad, glute, and hamstring strength. By holding a stick overhead, you’ll also work on postural strengthening in the back and shoulders. “To decrease the risk of falling—thereby decreas-ing the risk of injury—you need to enhance postural strength and balance, says Knowles. “The better your athletic posture, the better your balance will be.

How:Begin in a ski stance, knees bent. Holding a stick above your head with your arms straight, quickly drop into a squat position, until you reach 90 degrees. Return to standing and repeat without stopping. If that arm position is too hard, put your hands behind your head, elbows out. Do one rep per second for 20 seconds. “This is a fast movement, says Knowles. “Quick movements develop better eccentric strength than slow movements.

Exercise 2 Workout:Overhead Double Leg Squat

Progression One

20 sec.; 30 sec. restRepeat two times.Rest 2 min. before Exercise 3Progression Two

30 sec.; 30 sec. restRepeat three times. Rest 2 min. before Exercise 3Progression Three

30 sec. nonstopContinue immediately to Exercise 3. Charlotte does the entire progression three to five times per workout.