Please Your Knees: Exercise 3

Be Strong
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This double forward- and lateral-lunge is all about balance and strength. Get it down, and Moats says you'll develop the finesse to handle anything the slope throws your way.

How: Begin in a ski stance on your left foot. With your hands on your hips, lunge forward onto your right foot until your right knee is at 90 degrees. Push back to the starting position. Staying on your left foot, immediately lunge laterally onto your right foot, to a 70- to 90-degree position. Imagine you are applying pressure to the outside ski. Keep your left leg straight and don't allow your left knee to drop inside. Push back toward the starting position. Remain standing on the left foot and repeat, linking one lunge to the next for 20 seconds, or doing as many as you can with correct technique.

Exercise 3 Workout: Combination Lunge

Progression One

20 sec. right; 30 sec. rest; 20 sec. left; 30 sec. restRepeat two times.Rest 2 min. before Exercise 4Progression Two

30 sec. right; 30 sec. rest; 30 sec. left; 30-sec. restRepeat three times.Rest 2 min. before Exercise 4Progression Three

30 sec. right; 30 sec. left; nonstopContinue immediately to Exercise 4. Remember: no rest until the end of the sequence.