Please Your Knees: Exercise 4

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This exercise hits all the major muscles in your legs and glutes, and it will bolster your stability on your skis. It also takes some coordination and balance—the same skills that will keep you upright when you're hurling down the slopes. "When I was at Dartmouth, I introduced this to some football types, and they were crying—they couldn't do it, says Moats.

How: Start in a ski stance with hands on your hips, balancing on the right foot. Reach forward with your left foot and contract your left quad. Immediately bring your left foot behind you without lowering it to the ground. Extend back until your hamstrings and glutes engage. Quickly reverse the movement. Continue for 20 seconds. "It's critical that your standing leg stays flexed and loaded at the ankle and knee to add stability and to generate the burn, says Knowles.

Exercise 4 Workout: Shark Legs

Progression One

20 sec. right; 30 sec. rest; 20 sec. left; 30 sec. restRepeat this two times.Progression Two

30 sec. right; 30 sec. rest; 30 sec. left; 30 sec. restRepeat this three times.Progression Three

30 sec. right; 30 sec. left; nonstopRest 5 min., then repeat entire sequence again.