Preseason Strength Training: Body Weight Squats


2 sets x 12-17 reps

This move is a multiple-joint exercise that targets the hip and upper-leg muscles, but also recruits from other muscle groups. Stand in the ready position, with the feet slightly more than hip-width apart and the hips, knees and feet aligned and rotated out 10-20 degrees.

Keep your weight evenly distributed over the entire foot, making sure to keep your heels on the floor throughout the entire range of motion (allowing your weight to shift onto your toes pressures the knee joint). Bend your knees, slowly lowering to the point where the hamstrings are parallel to the ground. Hold for one second (one, one-thousand), and slowly extend the legs back up to the original position. Throughout the movement: Keep your trunk in an upright, erect position, with the shoulders back, a natural arch in the lower back, only a very slight bend at the waist and the head in neutral position (eyes looking forward, neck in line with the spine); do not let the knees get ahead of the toes, and don’t let the knees bow in or out.