Preseason Strength Training: One-Legged Calf Raises

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Stand on the balls/toes of your feet on the edge of on an elevated platform (such as a free-weight bench or step) that has a wall or bar for support. Align your right leg so that it is directly under your right hip, and gently rest your fingers on the wall or bar for support. Lifting your left foot off the platform and balancing on your slightly bent right leg, perform a one-legged calf raise with full range of motion (drop the heel all the way down, rise up as high as you can onto the ball of the foot/toes). Once you've done 15, switch to the left leg. After you've done calf raises with each leg, go directly to a set of 15 hyperextensions, then take a one-minute rest. Do three supersets total.

Hyperextension: See


for description.