Profile: Megan Brown


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Capricorn (Born: January 13, 1973)

Hometown: Park City, Utah

Pedigree: Fifth-generation Vermonter, cut her first tracks at Middlebury Snowbowl.

Focus: Skiercross

Résumé: Former U.S. Ski Teamer; 2000 Skiercross World Champion, 2000 Red Bull Ultracross Champion, and 2000 X Games Qualifier Champion; two-time NCAA All-American; ski model.

Ouch: Megan’s got a long history of hurts. “I’m up to 12 surgeries now. I basically spent two of four years on the Ski Team in one cast or another.” During a training run at the X Games, she crashed and broke her sternum and tailbone. “The danger, it plays in my mind. But for me it’s the adrenaline, the rush. I try not to think about getting hurt.”

Ski Heroine: Andrea Mead Lawrence: “She’s 69, and she can drop you to your knees with her handshake.”

Marital Status: “Attached.”

Food Fetish: “It has to be real Vermont Maple syrup — none of this Log Cabin, Aunt Jemima crap.”

Cocktail: Dark and Stormy (Gosslings dark rum and ginger beer).

On the Nightstand: It’s Not About the Bikeby Lance Armstrong.

Best Day: “When I was 16, and I won the overall Junior Olympics at Bachelor.”

Biggest Scare: Crested Butte 2000: “The snow was pretty marginal — all chocolate chippy. Coming down the headwall, I came in way too hot. My skis caught a rock, spinning me around. I went over an eight-foot rocky dropoff, then a seven-footer. I kept cartwheeling. I’ve never been that scared.”

Weirdness: “I just bought my first wig, a short, little red one. It’s a blast, but you get more looks being a blonde.”

Little-Known: “I love to tango. It’s the only time I let someone else lead.”

On Being a Girl: “I grew up as a tomboy, and I like skiing with guys. They push me. They’ll say, ‘Megan, hit this cliff…’ I need that. But there’s something really special about skiing and bonding with a ripping group of girls.”