Puckett Scores Top Honors in Men's Skiercross


Copper Mountain,

– Casey Puckett, of Old Snowmass, CO, has won the Gold Medal in the Men’s Skiercross competition at OLN’s Winter Gravity Games presented by Saturn at Copper Mountain. Sun Valley’s Zach Crist, 33, won the Silver Medal, with Jakub Fiala, 29, taking home the Bronze.

OLN’s Gravity Games Men’s Skiercross Results

1. Casey Puckett (Aspen)
2. Zach Crist (Sun Valley)
3. Jakub Fiala (Breckenridge)
4. Brett Fischer (Winter Park)
5. Cody Smith (Mt. Spokane)
6. Reggie Crist (Sun Valley)
7. Eric Andersson (Tandadalen)
8. Christian Questad (Bogus Basin)
9. Cliff Bennett (Snowbird)