Pushing the Limits: UNEVEN FALL LINES


THE BAD NEWS When a fall line is uneven, so is gravity's pull, making it impossible to execute smooth, even arcs. THE GOOD NEWS Boredom is not an issue. And because few skiers venture where the fall line is most awkward, snow is usually best on these confusing sidehills, concavities and knolls WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Trying to impose symmetry on an asymmetrical slope will fail. A funky fall line puts limits on how and when you can turn. HOW TO DO IT BETTER Don't plan a line too far in advance. Think of gravity as an ally, rather than a foe, and accept a circuitous route to the valley. Make deliberate pole plants. Appreciate that a turn to the right might need be strong, while the one to the left will require a soft touch and that 20 feet downhill, the opposite may be true. THE NEXT STEP Ernie Blake Ski School, Taos Ski Valley Inc., P.O. Box 90, Taos Ski Valley, NM 87525; (505) 776-2291; skitaos.org. Eric and Rob DesLauriers, John and Dan Egan and Dean Decas host Extreme Team Advanced Ski Clinics in various locations. P.O. Box 368, Crested Butte, CO 81224; (800) 983-2670; www.skimoguls.com.