As one of Gunderson’s Pacific Northwest athletes, I have spent countless hours in the sun, snow, and sleet trying to help produce photos that will remind others of why they love to ski. This winter, at Outdoor Research’s Vertfest photography clinic, Grant had the opportunity to share a few tips with aspiring ski photographers. I took a few notes. –Molly BakerHere's what Grant had to say:The meter in your camera will be confused by excess light reflecting off of the snow.  If you don’t have an incident meter, try taking a light meter reading off of your hand, or try over-exposing by a stop and a half.

Ski Photography Pointers From Grant Gunderson

Grant Gunderson is one of the most recognized ski photographers in the industry. Cover shots and photography contest wins adorn his resume, along with some of the most stunning images in the world of skiing. Here are some of his tips for getting the shot.