Refundable Season Passes


Ever wonder what would happen to that wad of cash you threw down for a season pass if you were to blow your ACL on opening day and get sidelined till April? Hello, season pass insurance for the injured.

Now, for the first time, U.S. skiers who buy season passes can purchase protection against loss due to sudden injury or illness. Montana-based Skier Insurance Services (SIS) charges six percent of the current season pass price for the policy and pays up to $15,000 for emergency evacuations.

Additionally, skiers with the insurance who can't use their season pass for at least a month can recover the value of the unused portion on a prorated basis. The insurance is available online at for passes bought from most ski areas in the U.S. (SIS is still waiting for the approval of Oregon and New York). If you have fragile knees, don't take chances: Fork over the extra funds.