Return of the Little Boy

Cold Front

There's another el niño swirling in the tropical waters of the Pacific, stirring powder dreams among skiers who remember the last big one, in 1997—98, which delivered snowfall records nationwide (Mammoth got 539 inches, Alta got 596). Forecasters believe this year's El Niño (Spanish for Boy) will be tame by comparison, but we took a poll to find out how the public feels about it.

C.J. Stratler Bar BackSummit County, CO : "A boy? Doesn't he know the girl-to-guy ratio is already out of whack up here?

Fidel Castro President Cuba :"You mean Elian? He's not going anywhere. Janet Reno sent that little dude back here in June of 2000.

Loretta Ferguson MachinistSandpoint, ID :"I thought El Niño got shot by some vigilante ranchers down in Texas.

Sunshyne Whete Tree-sitterBurlington, VT: "The name alone just proves what a paternal world we live in. Why can't we take a stand and name the weather pattern after a little she-gnome?

John Kerry Presidential Candidate Boston, MA: "I saved El Niño's life in Vietnam. And I have the shrapnel to prove it.

George W. BushPresidentCrawford, TX: "Was it made in a mobile lab? Man, I hope it was made in a mobile lab.