Rise of the Machines


We’ve told you before, and most trainers agree: Simple tools like exercise balls and balance boards

and basic moves like hopping and squats are an important part of any ski workout. They add finesse to your fitness routine and lead the way to better performance on the slopes. But to build a powerful strength and fitness base, you may not need to look any further than the weight and cardio machines that take up most of the real estate at your local gym.

Weight machines isolate muscles for a super-focused workout and are relatively easy to use (most manufacturers provide instructions right on the machine). Cardio machines prep your heart and lungs for skiing and improve all-around fitness, on and off the hill. And because most gyms have similar weight and cardio equipment, you can usually perform a simple circuit wherever you go.

But not everything at the gym is equally suited to skiers. Here, we help you navigate the maze of machines and identify those that give you the biggest ski-performance boost.

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