Risk Management


If you ever stand quaking at the top of a 45-degree couloir at 13,000 feet, wondering if it’s a good idea to ski down or not, scratch around in the talus first. That’s what two fellows did atop a chute called Shit for Brains on Black Mountain in the Colorado backcountry. They found a business card advertising short-term health insurance policies under a rock. Being broke but no dummies, they called the second they got home. Chalk up another sale.

Steve Mayer, guerilla-marketing genius, has been known to strategically leave cards where someone might wreck themselves, or even in ski towns, face level at the urinals of bar bathrooms. (“Gotta read something,” he points out.) Steve, however, has recently moved on to paragliding instruction in Salt Lake City, where he at first tried to work his insurance policies in with the lessons (genius…). He soon gave that up, though, and decided to focus entirely on the paragliding. “Selling insurance is much too risky,” he says. “I’ve decided to teach people how to fly off mountains full-time instead.”