Rocky Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Life

It's amazing what people will spend on door knobs," says Patsy Nickum, "but it really turns out neat when you can custom-design every fixture to match in your home." Patsy and her husband, Mark, own Rocky Mountain Hardware in Hailey, Idaho, just 12 miles down the road from the Sun Valley ski resort. Rocky Mountain Hardware manufactures a unique line of door, bath and cabinet hardware that features simple lines and rich textures. Individually handmade and sandcast of solid bronze, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. Depending on what style you choose for your mountain home, the hardware is available in two types: Silicon Bronze, which produces a rich brown tone, finished in light, medium, dark or rust shades, and White Bronze for a pewter look, in a choice of light, medium or dark patinas. (A "patina" is the finish added to the bronze in order to speed up the oxidation process that normally occurs over time; the darker it is, the more rustic and aged the hardware looks.)

To create a sense of unity within the house, all bronze pieces match despite their different styles, so you can have the same look in every room. "We've tried to design the line so that when you walk into the house, you'll see the same metal and patina throughout," says Patsy. "From the front entry to the garden, there's unified detail."

Rocky Mountain Hardware has done custom work for wineries, restaurants, lodges and private homes not only in many ski towns but all across North America. Everything from light-switch plates to hand-rail brackets to door knobs can be purchased individually or custom-made to be boughtin bulk.

For more information, contact either Patsy or Mark Nickum at Rocky Mountain Hardware, P.O. Box 4108, Hailey, Idaho 83333; or via e-mail:; website: .