Roemer's Weekly Weather Report - March 3, 2003

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Legend...The large circles you see by mid week-- east of New Foundland and in northernAlberta and B.C., represent plenty of bitter cold March air that will make its way southinto much of the Northeast, northern Rockies and Canada over the next 10 days.Heavy snows may fall across southern B.C./Alberta and the northern Cascadesand New England along the boundary of this cold air.

The big weather news has been the return to stellar ski conditions in parts of theRockies, in which places like Steamboat Springs has received over 63" of snowthe past ten days; Vail 37"; Telluride 28"' Wolf Creek and outstanding 59";Keystone 21" and the list goes on and on in Colorado. In Utah, Brianheadresort one this week's snow reward with 28" with Beaver Mt. receiving 16"most of the more recognized ski areas of Alta, Snowbird and Park City stillcan use more snow and saw generally under 5" of snow for the week.In California/Nevada, Alpine Meadows received over a foot of snow with Squaw andHeavenly mostly under about 3-6". Tahoe at Northstar had about a foot the last week.Conditions are improving in much of the Sierras and more snow is likelymid week of at least 4-10 inches.

Jackson Hole has not received an astounding 370" of snow this winter thoughmost of the weather action has again shifted farther south in to Colorado.

Mt. Hood received around 10" the past week and additional snows early thisweek could easily be in the 6-10" range across the northern Cascades bringingsome relief from the dry stretch which affected some ski resorts as of late inWashington/Oregon.

In Canada, most of B.C. saw light amounts of under 2-5 inches and more is needed.The weather word these next 7 days out there is "cold" with temperatures some8-15 degrees below normal with occasional light snows. There is a chance fora foot or more of snow from Whistler to Fernie by mid week with bitter coldacross northern B.C. and Alberta. In Alberta, resorts such asBanff and Castle Mt. resort saw up to 6-12 inches of snow and conditions have improvesomewhat from the bone dry conditions of a few weeks ago. Skiing in Quebec isquite good given the recent cold and snow with Gray Rocks seeing about 10" andMt. Sainte-Anne about 12" the last week.

In the Northeast, ice, rain and snow a week ago has been replaced with colder weather andskiing is improving across much of northern/central Vermont and New Hampshire/Mainewhere anywhere from 4-12" fell over this last weekend and more mid-late week snowsof at least 4-8" are possible from two separate Alberta Clippers.

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Jim Roemer