Rothrock Comes Rockin' in Europa Cup SL's

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Rothrock at Loveland

Pozza di Fassa, Italy, Feb. 15, 2001--Tom Rothrock (Cashmere, WA) won a Europa Cup slalom Monday night after finishing second Sunday night in anotherEuropa Cup SL.

Rothrock, who made his World Cup debut earlier this season, won Monday night in 1:40.62. Slovenian World Cup veteran Andrej Miklavz and ManfredPraenger of Austria tied for second place, .12 back.

Sunday night, Praenger was the winner in 1:44.14 with Rothrock .68 out.

Pozza di Fassa, ITA

Men's SL - Feb. 11 (Night)
1. Manfred Praenger, Austria, 1:44.04
2. Tom Rothrock, Cashmere, WA, 1:44.82
3. Christian Javier Simari Birkner, Argentina, 1:45.26
4. (tie) Kurt Engl, Austria, and Truls Ove Karlsen, Norway, 1:45.29

Men's SL - Feb. 12 (Night)
1. Tom Rothrock, Cashmere, WA, 1:40.62
2. (tie) Andrej Miklavz, Slovenia, and Manfred Praenger, Austria, 1:40.74
4. Mika Marila, Finland, 1:41.06
5. Davide Simonelli, Italy, 1:41.10