Sayonara, Starches


All over skidom, people are eating burgers sans bun and taking their chili without the bread bowl, thank you very much. Turns out that even pasta-, bagel-, and pancake-loving skiers are turning to low-carb diets like Atkins and the Zone. And ski resorts are listening: Deer Valley's bakers are busy concocting low-carb cookies. Breckenridge is slapping low carb stickers on certain to-go lunches. In Aspen, you can order a Caesar salad with a hamburger patty on the side. And Telluride's food venues are offering up more wraps—which have fewer carbs than regular sandwiches—and even selling a "breadless sandwich (basically, sandwich fixin's on a plate). No word on whether there's a movement to give up beer, which has as many carbs per serving as an evil slice of whole-wheat.