Scott Markewitz

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The Shooter, 43

If you're not looking to become somebody in the ski world, Scott Markewitz looks like a nobody. He's easy to miss if you're not seeking him out. Thin-faced and fanatically fit, he wears dun colors and a look of intense calm. But over the last 10 years, no photographer has so shaped how we see our sport. With 300 magazine covers to his credit and thousands of shots inside skiing publications around the world, he's so well regarded that his models sign sponsorship contracts based solely on their appearances in his pix—which are always marked by a pure, clean athleticism. That's not to say working with the guy is a cakewalk. Step into a Markewitz photo shoot and you become part of his machine. Hit your mark, nail the pose, hike, hit it again, hike, hike, hike. Markewitz doesn't drink, smoke, or eat meat. To train for skiing, he hammers out solo 100-mile mountain bike rides, all above 10,000 feet. It's all part of a relentless march to perfection. He has a formula, and it works.

The Vision: "Digital. It's faster and there's no film. But all the computer manipulation means a mediocre photo can become good, so it won't necessarily be the case that it takes a good eye and a talented photographer to get a good shot. This'll open it up to more people, but it'll devalue the quality of the images.