Season's First Snow Hits Squaw

I chose to ski a shoulder of the peak, and after slowly working at chipping away the cornice with my pole to create a clean entrance, I was set and ready to drop in on the 45-degree slope. A quick call to the filmers checking to see if they were ready, I have the 10-second call, 5,4,2,1, dropping…

Squaw Valley, CA, Sept. 5--The first snow of Squaw Valley, CA's 2000-2001 season fell over Labor Day weekend. Resort officials recorded three inches of snow at High Camp and five inches in some windblown areas.

Filmmaker and ski personality Scott Gaffeny made the first tracks of theseason. His film "Something About McConkey" is due out this fall. But otherskiers will have to wait a little longer. Squaw Valley's regular ski seasonbegins on November 18 with the opening of the cable car and High Camp.

Last winter, the first snow at Squaw came later than usual on November 8,1999, by April 30, 2000 355-inches of snow had fallen. Other Californiaski resorts also boasted big snow last season, thanks to the La Ninaweather phenomenon.

Lift accessed skiing may be a couple of months away, but summer's hot dayshave begun to yield to old man winter.