Sell mE Not Tickets


You know those discounted lift tickets the American Skiing Company calls mE tickets? The ones you pay for up front and hope you use all of by season's end? If you can't, don't try to sell them, especially at a profit. Last season people were prosecuted for selling their unused mE tickets. Under Vermont's Theft of Services law (VSA 2582), a lift ticket is considered nontransferable. "It's basically use it or lose it," says Parker Riehle of the Vermont Ski Areas Association. But wait. On April 30, a woman tried to sell 10 unused mE tickets, in full view of a Killington ticket clerk, for $20 each. "Thanks for not narcing on me," she told the clerk, who said that since the day's ticket price was $30 and she was taking a loss, Killington didn't mind. Not so, says Killington controller Dan Graves, "They are not resalable!"