Seth Morrison


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The Maverick, 30

You wouldn’t know it by looking at the safety-pinned eyebrow and the violent hair, but Seth Morrison is scared. Which seems off when you consider that the big-mountain improviser and perennial ski-flick star has survived a heli crash that killed a friend and broke the back of another. He’s shattered bones; he’s been buried in avalanches, punched out by drunks in bars, and even spent time in the slammer (courtesy of a high-speed car chase in Jackson). Scary stuff, but what really freaks out Seth Morrison is simply not being at the top of his game. “People don’t understand that I’m on the edge of oblivion, says the skier who can do back flips off 80-foot cliffs. “Let’s say I don’t have a good trip this season and then I don’t do a good movie segment and then I’m not in magazines and pretty soon, they’re all like, ‘Seth who?’ I’ve fully given my life to skiing. What else am I going to do? Quit and work at McDonalds?

The Vision: “I’m into using the spines in Alaska—spine-ology is what I call it—to launch into other lines. Maybe do a rodeo over a couloir.