Sex Wax, Anyone?


Igneous Skis of Jackson, Wyoming, has done some impressive stuff with custom graphics. The company once made a pair of skis with a picture of a Wyoming mountain range for a guy who later got lost in that range and had to use the skis for navigation. This season, another client will become the lucky owner of a pair of custom Elvis boards.

But nothing Igneous has done has quite touched the Porno Ski. Last season, Igneous worked photographs of 180 naked women¿none of them striking anything you might confuse with an "artistic" pose¿into the topskin design for a very limited number of skis.

"Jeff, our head tuner guy, rode up the gondola with a group of older Jackson women, all in their 50s and 60s," recalls Igneous owner Adam Sherman, 31. "When they saw the skis, one said, 'My husband would like that ski.' Another turned to Jeff and asked, 'Could you guys make an all-male version?'"

Sadly, the Porno Ski isn't for sale; all five extant pairs are already in the hands of employees or pro skiers.