Shoot a Chute

Shooting a Chute

STEP 1: Scope Your Exit
Be sure you have a clear escape route. Avoid bony slots with rocks and roots that can trip you up and send you into hazards. If the chute comes to a choke at the end – narrow but doable – be sure you have ample run-out to make a clean straightline. The more speed you carry, the more room you'll need to throw on the brakes.

STEP 2: Hop-Turn
If the chute is too tight to carve full turns, opt for the old Scott Schmidt-style hop turn. Push up off the ground and swing your skis around 180 degrees, working your way to the bottom one turn at a time.

STEP 3: Commit
Attack the chute before it attacks you. A strong stance and a charging body position can make all the difference.

STEP 4: Point It
Narrow exit? You'll need to point your skis downhill and straightline. Be sure you spot the run-out again. Prepare to impress your friends. It always looks cooler if you come out the bottom at Mach speed.


Drive-By Chuting, April 2005

Drive-By Chuting: Stevens Pass, Washington

Stevens Pass offers a surprising variety of powder fixes-from full-day summit tours to concentrated drive-up sessions.