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Gulmarg, India

A group of pro skiers, filmers, and photographers have traveled to Gulmarg, India, to ski the highest lift-accessed terrain in the world and attempt to avoid the military with machine guns. Forrest Coots gives us an update from Gulmarg.

North American freeskiers Andy Mahre and Pep Fujas traveled to Gulmarg, India, to scope the terrain for Gulmarg Heli Ski. Their week in Gulmarg was cut short due to weather problems, but they plan to return next season. CinematographerJase Hancox put together this webisode on their trip. Andy Mahre and Pep Fujas in Gulmarg from Jase Hancox BASKET PRODUCTIONS on  ">Vimeo.

Americans in India

K2 Athletes Pep Fujas and Andy Mahre travel to Gulmarg, India, to check out the terrain at Gulmarg Heli Ski.