SIA Adjusts Vegas Dates and Hours

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Miami, FL, May 26--SnowSports Industries America's Board ofDirectors has decided to move the dates of the annual Las Vegas trade showto late January or early February beginning in 2002. Firm dates will bedetermined at the October 2000 board meeting.

The shift from the current early March time frame effectively makes the SIAshow the kickoff event of the 2002-2003 buying season and is an effort tomake the industry's buying and selling efforts more efficient. The shift indates allows SIA members to precede the normal buy-sell cycle so buyers canget a comprehensive look at new gear in one location. Retailers andsuppliers alike have often debated the logic of increasing regional showsover the past decade and, at least for retailers, the awkward March datesof the Vegas show. There have been as many as 30 shows in recent years, asubstantial increase from the 16 that existed in 1986.

"We are responding to changes in the marketplace and our members' wishes bymaking the date change," said SIA President David Ingemie. He said studiesand discussions of the change have included suppliers, retailers, sales repgroups and retailer groups.

The move could mean earlier orders by retailersand the chance to stay in their stores during the busy end-of-season timeframe. For suppliers it means more time spent on production and the firstchance for many to show their products to retailers in 2002. And companiesthat don't attend SIA because the current dates are too late now have anincentive to exhibit at SIA.

At its Miami meeting today, the board also decided to extend next year'sshow to five full days. March's 2000 show lasted four and a half days, aformat that didn't sit well with a number of suppliers and retailers whothought the first day of socializing didn't give them enough time toconduct real business. The hours for the March 9-13, 2001 show will be 9a.m. to 6 p.m., except for the last day when the show will close at 3 p.m.