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Skate (best buy)

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Atomic RS:10 $250

Nordic skiing has a dirty secret: Half the money still gets you more performance than most mortals can use. The 1,240-gram RS:10's cost half as much as the Fischers and weigh just a few grams more.

GRIPES: I must admit, the additional weight was noticeable on steep climbs or at the end of long sessions.

PROPS: With my eyes closed on the flats (reckless skier on a closed circuit; don't try this at home), I quickly forgot that I wasn't on the higher-priced Fischers.

Fischer CS Skating $195

Although it's not as light as Salomon's Carbon Pro, the CS Skating delivered a stiff, easily managed ride with plenty of ankle support.

GRIPES:Despite a lot of futzing and a sock change, I couldn't entirely eliminate heel wiggle.

PROPS: Thanks to three adjustable Velcro straps, you can find a decent fit.

Salomon Profil Equipe Skate $75
The Equipe Skate gives up one binding link—and, therefore, a small measure of stability—to its pricier big brother, the Salomon SNS Pilot Equipe Skate. The performance difference, at least for anything short of charging up and down a hilly course, is negligible.

GRIPES: If your local course is rough, with lots of quick turns, you'll want a Pilot.

PROPS: Almost all the power of its high-tech brother, with a more reasonable price tag.

Swix Comp CT5 $80
Constructed of a 20/80 carbon-fiberglass mix, Swix's Comp CT5 poles aren't as light or stiff as all-carbon poles, but they're still stout enough for anything short of chasing Norwegians.

GRIPES: If you think you'll do some weekend racing (or just want to beat down your 10K time), a stiffer pole will make a difference.

PROPS: Swix has been making poles since 1950, and it shows. Their ultra-supportive and easily adjustable strap system is as user-friendly as it gets.