SKI Magazine: February 2009

Find everything from the February issue here: 25 easy adventures, America’s most popular ski resort, old-school skiing, and more.

Mental Fatigue? Stare at this.

(p. 17)

Encouraging news for ski-porn addicts.

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Cold Comfort

(p. 19)

Popularity increases for ice hotels.

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Goodbye to the Walk-up Lift Ticket?

(p. 21)

With an explosion of customized lift tickets, season passes galore and revolutionary new online ticket companies, who bothers with the ticket window anymore?

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Good For You: Skin Deep

(p. 24)

The summer sun isn’t your skin’s only enemy. As any raccoon-faced skier can attest, cloudy and cold days in January can and often do leave their mark. And not just on your cheeks. Winter in the mountains means low humidity, strong winds and snow that reflects 80 percent of the sun’s rays. What’s more, those rays get two to four percent stronger with every thousand feet of elevation gain. Windburn, chapped lips and cracked hands are winter’s calling cards. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and its first line of defense. These products protect your skin before—and repair it after—the elements do their dirty work.

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Stuff We Like

(p. 25)

SKI Magazine’s top picks for random gear.

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”Where Is It?” Contest

(p. 26)

Identify the resort in the photo and you could win a free travel package from Spyder. Contest runs until February 28, 2009.

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Legacy: Boy Meets Girl

(p. 27)

From the He-and-She Stick to the gondola, lift technology has shaped romance on the way uphill.

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Where Now: Mt. Bachelor, Ore.

(p. 28)

Don’t come to this Pacific Northwest sleeper for the shopping or the nightlife. Come for the snow.

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Weekends: Banff, Alberta

(p. 33)

Three ski resorts, a historic town and a natural hot springs add up to an inspiring weekend in the Canadian Rockies.

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Strategies: Slip and Slide

(p. 36)

These five resorts put a new spin on sliding down a mountain.

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Room Key: Mt. Sunapee, N.H.

(p. 38)

An under-the-radar family destination gets better every season.

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Travel Notes: Eat & Ride

(p. 40)

Board a snowcat for a dining experience that’s far more than just another meal.

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Travel Notes: The Final Stretch

(p. 40)

Free après-ski yoga classes.

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Choose Your Adventure

(p. 43)

Life is short - and there's a big world beyond your local ski hill. No matter your skill set or mindset, we've got a great winter adventure for you. Now go. Explore.

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Utah’s Big Secret: Snowbasin

(p. 52)

Terrific terrain. Great cuisine. and lodges fit for the Olympics. Why is Snowbasin still the best resort in the West that you’ve never skied?

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People’s Choice: Breckenridge, CO

(p. 65)

Breckenridge is America’s favorite resort for a reason: It’s for everyone. The bombers, the boarders, the tuckers and the huckers—and you. Especially you.

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Reach Your Peak: Refresh Your Fitness

(p. 81)

Resuscitate your dryland training with nine new ski-specific moves.

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Gear: Armored for Battle

(p. 85)

Why stop at a helmet? Everybody augurs in once in a while, and a little extra padding isn’t just for the youngsters hucking cliffs.

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