SKI Magazine: March/April 2009

Find everything from the spring issue here: 23 trips to stretch out your season, injury prevention, and the faces of NASTAR.

Less Fear, More Air

(p. 15)

A new oral spray can now keep your pre-drop-in fears at bay.

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Off the Grid

(p. 17)

As resorts invest in renewable energy, the biggest hurdle—ironically—could be environmental approval.

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Yak It Up

(p. 20)

Bored of heliskiing? Try yak-skiing.

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Good For You: 4 Books for Off-Season Fitness

(p. 20)

By this point in the ski season, you probably feel pretty strong: You’re making crisp, aggressive turns top to bottom, and the quad burn you suffered a few months ago is just a memory. But off-season is in sight, and unless you want to endure early season pain again next winter, you’d be wise to keep yourself in shape this summer. Need a little guidance? Check out these fitness books.

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Stu Campbell, 1942-2008

(p. 21)

Skiing loses a legend;


Magazine loses a friend.

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Stuff We Like

(p. 22)

SKI Magazine’s top picks for random gear.

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”Where Is It?” Contest

(p. 23)

Identify the resort in this photo and win two free pairs of 7eye sunglasses.

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Legacy: Fast Times

(p. 25)

Tucking their socks out of sight, fashion-conscious skiers raced to try the new sophisticated style.

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On Skiing: The Irresponsibility Code

(p. 26)

The official rules of the slopes are more than 40 years old. Life has changed.

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Where Now: Crested Butte, CO

(p. 28)

One of the West’s best skier’s mountains debuts new terrain, lodging and dining. And that’s just the beginning.

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Sidetracks: American Idyll

(p. 32)

See rural life through the eyes of a legend at the Norman Rockwell Museum deep in the Berkshires.

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Slopes on Sale

(p. 34)

Don’t rack your skis quite yet. Not when there are deals like these to be had at resorts all over the continent.

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Room Key: Steamboat, CO

(p. 36)

From ordinary to chic, accommodations in Colorado’s favorite cowboy town get gussied up.

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Gold Medal Cocktails

(p. 37)

Bored with your regular après-ski beer? The signature drinks at these ski-town bars will help you mix things up.

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Inn of the Month: Encantado, Tesuque, N.M.

(p. 37)

March 2009's featured hotel in New Mexico indulges your senses in earth-toned luxury.

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Endless Winter: A Guide to Spring Skiing

(p. 38)

Feel like going some where new this spring? Pick your locale based on this guide, showing you what you need to know about different resorts around the world.

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The People’s World Cup: NASTAR

(p. 46)

The NASTAR National Championships lure racers of all sizes and skills from across the land. Some seek glory, others camaraderie. All just want to have fun.

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El Otro Lado (The Other Side)

(p. 56)

In just about every ski town in the United States, Mexican immigrants cook your food, build your vacation house, and clean your hotel. But what you know about them usually ends there.

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Fitness: Getting Even

(p. 65)

Balance does a body good. Align yourself for stronger - and safer - skiing.

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Gear: Trailblazers

(p. 72)

New AT tools blend alpine power with touring mobility.

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Gear Essentials: Best Sellers

(p. 74)

If these time-tested staples aren’t already in your gear closet, they should be. They’re in everyone else’s.

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