Ski Poster Worth $$$


Ski-area posters usually wind up carelessly tacked to garage or rec-room walls until they're eventually trashed. So who'd have guessed that a C$10 ski-area promotional poster would become a valuable art collectible? That's exactly what happened to the old Le Massif poster painted by Charlevoix artist Vladimir Horik. Available at Le Massif up until three seasons ago, the poster was recently spotted selling in area art galleries for C$150 and up. But the reason for the sudden 1,400 percent rise in value is not only Horik's international artistic reputation. It seems that a Montreal firm was selling pirated copies of the poster on cloth. Horik, who painted the poster eight years ago as a fund raiser for Le Massif, subsequently sued the art pirates and withdrew Le Massif's reproduction rights. So if you happen to have one hanging around, keep it well preserved.