Skier blog: Where Is…Julian Carr? UPDATED



What up chiefs? I am back from Europe, having spent the last 10 days or so in Switzerland. I am now known as “Pungor the Austrian/Swiss flying circus yeti,” and the future mayor of Engleberg. I am moving there in October and opening a burrito shop called Yeti Burrito, and I found my future wife. Oh, I also sent a 200-footer yesterday – front flip. Check it out in this year’s movie from Rage Films.

I might be going to Alaska here in a week or so. Then Whistler, so I’ll keep you posted. 

Danke shon,

-Julian, March 15, 2006

Entry 1
Dude, Austria kills it. I am with Bryan Barlow (a.k.a. “be-ivan gli-van), Tom Wayes, some crazy Swede named Patrick Faulkner, and Sky Pinnock, owner of Rage Films. Jessica Baker and photographers Gene Dwarkin and Brent Benson are here too. It is snowing right now—dumping. We were able to score a bluebird day yesterday and launch some cliffs. I found a do-able 120 footer that will probably be a go tomorrow or the next day. Stoked. We are a bunch of wild west cowboys by night and work-hard skiers by day. The mountains are crazy here. It’s like 100 Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons all connected by trams, villages, 10-person chairlifts, moving carpets, etc…

I will check in when we make another move. Probably Davos, Engleberg, and maybe Italy next week. Rad.

-Julian, March 3, 2006

P.S. The word for “windshield wiper” here is splitz doozen.