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Skier Convicted of Homicide


Eagle, CO, Nov. 17, 2000 (SAM Magazine)--Last night, a Colorado jury convicted Nathan Hall of negligent homicide after a fatal collision with another skier in 1997 at Vail. Hall escaped the greater charge, reckless manslaughter, which carried with it a two- to eight-year sentence, and faces instead one to three years for the lesser charge. The sentencing is scheduled for January 4, 2001.

The incident occurred on April 20, 1997. Hall, according to witnesses, was skiing out of control when he collided with Alan Cobb, a Denver resident, fracturing his skull.

The jury, which deliberated for 17 hours, also convicted Hall of possession of alcohol and possession of marijuana. The conviction marks the first time a skier has been found criminally negligent for his actions.

"This clearly raises the stakes for reckless behavior on the slopes," said NSAA President Michael Berry. "These cases used to be resolved in civil court between individuals, but there is a new societal trend out there that is becoming increasingly intolerant of dangerous behavior."