Skiers Rule!

maier and tomba kayaking

During a recent Superstars competition, Olympic medalists Hermann Maier and Alberto Tomba proved that skiers kick butt. More specifically, that skiers kick NBA butt, NFL butt, and even professional-boxer butt. The Herminator and La Bomba dominated a field of 12 pro athletes for most of the Superstars series, competing in 10 diverse events from bowling to swimming to sea kayaking. A resounding one-two finish in the bicycle race had spectators wondering whether anybody else was in the running. But during the Sea-Doo competition, the Italian playboy spun out, missed a buoy, and dropped into third place overall. The two skiers were visibly competing against each other throughout the event. Maier even blatantly cut a corner to pass his rival in the half-mile run, nearly disqualifying himself in the process. In the final standings, Hermann was first while Alberto ended up third, edged out by NFL cornerback Ronde Barber, but ahead of such notable athletes as Ray Lewis and Dan Majerle.