Skiing and the Environment, Part 1: The End of Skiing as We Know It?


Turning their attention away from the declining timber and mining industries, well-financed environmentalists are now battling ski resorts of all sizes.

They want to limit virtually all expansions and in some cases close off existing ski terrain. And they're winning. How skiing was transformed from eco-hero—or at least eco-neutral—to eco-villain is the story of resort expansions and real estate development in the mountains.

Is modern skiing defiling public lands or merely allowing millions to embrace the environment? How has the value of 30 million annual skier visits been lost in the environmental rhetoric? This is the first in a two-part SKI series addressing skiing and the environment.

This story appears in the November issue of SKI Magazine--on sale now.

The Battle Lines are Drawn
With a few exceptions, virtually every form of construction or expansion that is proposed for ski areas is being challenged.

A White Flag?
A proposed U.S. Forest Service plan for the heart of Colorado skiing is expected to raise lift-ticket prices and crowd the slopes.

Fires on the Mountains
A coast-to-coast look at the battles being fought between ski resorts and protesters.

From the Top
SKI Magazine Editor in Chier Andy Bigfor weighs in on the environment and sustainability.

About the Author
SKI contributing editor Ken Castle is an an award-winning environmental writer.