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Skiing Fakie

skiing fakie

Now here's an easy one that's more fun than you might think. Skiing backward makes even the slightest hint of speed both thrilling and terrifying. Plus, skiing fakie is the basis for a whole new world of options in the air game -- all kinds of fakie takeoffs and landings. But it's a big leap from skiing backward to landing backward!


Twin-tip skis (not absolutely necessary, but far more comforting)

Being able to look backwardThe Technique:Find yourself a flat, groomed run with low skier traffic and push yourself off, tails first. It'll take a few attempts before you start to feel comfortable. (Hint: The reverse snowplow is your most effective means of speed control.) When you're comfortable enough to pick up the speed, you need to start watching where you're going. Rotate your body at the waist as far as you can without changing the direction of your skis, then make up the rest of the rotation by turning your head. If you're turning your body to the left, you'll find it easier to keep most of your weight on your right ski, and vice versa. Once you feel good skiing switch, try rotating yourself from forward to backward and back with speed.Progression:

Fakie skiing on the groomed, fakie 180 jump landing


900, all fakie jump takeoffs

Switch back flip (backward takeoff, backward landing)