SKIING Magazine Presents: 2004 Vermont vs. New Hampshire Photo Contest


Boulder, CO, February 11, 2004–New Hampshire and Vermont: Which state has better skiing? Skiing Magazine’s Vermont vs. New Hampshire photo contest can help you decide. Come to the Pickle Barrel on the Killington Access Road at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, February 13 to judge slide presentations for the East’s top photographers. For three days in early February, six photographers (three in NH; three in VT) burned through dozens of rolls of film at Jay Peak, Sugarbush & Mad River, and Killington & Pico in Vermont; Cannon & Mt. Washington Valley, Wildcat & Attitash, and Waterville & Loon in New Hampshire.

Event Party Friday, February 13, 2004

The slideshow starts during Happy Hour, with each photographer giving a 5-7 minute slide presentation set to music. The audience then votes to see who wins the $1,500 team prize-Vermont or New Hampshire. A team of judges will also select the best photo in each of the following five categories: glades, backcountry, competition (bumps, race, park/pipe), lifestyle, and best of the year. The individual winner of each category gets $200. And you’ll see at least a few of these photos in next year’s Skiing Magazine.

The photographers are Nick Lambert, Skye Chalmers, and Jamie Gemmiti on the Vermont team, and Mike Riddell, TJ Greenwood, and Jeff Winterton on the New Hampshire team. Judges include the editors of Skiing Magazine as well as adventure skiers Dan and John Egan.

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