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the winter athlete

Zen and the Art of Winter Fitness

East meets West in

The Winter Athlete

, Steve Ilg's guide to outdoor fitness. Whether you're into Alpine, telemark, or Nordic skiing -- even ice climbing -- Ilg, a competitive multisport athlete and sought-after trainer, explains how to get in shape and stay in shape with the help of Sufi poets, Zen masters, and Native American shamans. His holistic approach means meditation, proper breathing, and nutrition are as important as the intensity of your strength training. The preseason regimen includes inline skating, mountain biking, and yoga. Overall, it's a balanced fitness guide for freethinkers.

($23, 800-258-5830)

Warming Trends
Ever windmilled your arms in an attempt to thaw frozen fingers? Think wool stays warm when wet? In his book Secrets of Warmth, engineer and skier Hal Weiss dispels such myths and reveals what really does keep you warm. Targeted at both the winter mountaineer and the chilly city dweller, the book covers everything from snow caves to ski boots to trench coats.
($12, 800-553-4453)