SKIING Scene: Irresistible Package


What stows neatly under an airplane seat, costs 30 times less than a treadmill, comes in a neat little mesh bag, and can whip your butt into ski shape? The answer: the SportCord. It's a resistance-training system developed for the U.S. Ski Team in 1978 that's been used in the rehab of 30,000 injured patients since then. The ski-specific package ($70) includes two bungy cords of different resistances, two interchangeable handles, an adjustable waist belt, and an ankle strap.

In the accompanying instructional video, Topper Hagerman and John Atkins, creators of the SportCord and owners of the Steadman Hawkins rehab facilities in Vail, demonstrate ski-specific exercises using the cords. Do about two to three sets of 10-20 reps each a few times a week, and soon your friends will be mistaking you for Hermann Maier. For information, 800-250-3779;