Skis 1999: Who Are You?


Take this sample test.

1. Determine which skier-type profile best describes you.

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All-Mountain Expert
You can ski everywhere and almost everything. Speed is your friend. Hard snow is not your enemy. Skis should adapt to you (not the other way around), and you're constantly pushing your limits, whether in back bowls or in rapid gates. Variety is the key to your pleasure. And if a ski isn't versatile, it won't do.

A hundred years ago, pioneers like you went West to seek their fortune, to escape the paved confines of the city, to taste the thrill of a land without rules. Today, you're known as Freeriders. The back bowls and the glades mean freedom to you. And your gold rush is finding a hidden stash and taking a long, quiet hike into untouched terrain.

All-Mountain Cruiser
OK, so you own a minivan. But you also drive (or at least covet) a convertible sports car. Your turns are expert, and you can afford the good stuff, but the fact is you don't get as much time on the snow as you once did. Groomed expert terrain is your playground. Challenges are great, but two bump runs a day are plenty.

You've mastered nearly every sport you've tried. Quickly. Now you want to conquer skiing because you've heard there are ski equivalents to the oversized tennis rackets and golf clubs. Soon, you'll want to try your new skills on black diamond trails, and you're looking for a ski that will get you there. This is your year.

Aspiring Carver
So you just got back into skiing after a long time away. Or you have no interest in competing, but you aspire to keep up with friends and relatives on moderate groomed terrain. Or you're just tired of never getting any better, and you're ready to do something about it. Welcome to confident carved turns.

While lost tenths of a second bug you, it's the misplaced hundredths that keep you up at night. Obsessed? Yes. And you wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, racing to better your best is what keeps your skiing fresh. Of course, only the highest of high-performance will do. Your ultimate fantasy—a full-on race ski that's fun in off hours, too.